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Our core values are trust, integrity, excellence, accountability and partnership.

We offer our clients a working environment of trust and integrity. Both values are implicit in the risk management advice and customised insurance solutions we provide. Through trustworthiness and integrity, our highly experienced brokers and claims managers aim for a working relationship of cooperation and mutual respect with clients and insurance underwriters.

We strive for excellence in the level of service we afford our clients. From the first online or telephone enquiry, to regular client meetings, reviews and the processing of claims, we aspire to deliver excellence in everything we do.

This combination of trust, integrity and excellence establishes accountability for our service delivery. As your professional advisers, we expect to be held accountable for our risk analysis, insurance advice and delivery of optimal solutions.

These core values lay the foundations for an ongoing and long-term partnership between Interlink and our clients. This partnership approach underpins our business methodology and has resulted in enduring relationships with clients.