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Managing Director’s Statement

Interlink regards statutory regulation and industry standards as minimum levels of performance. We strive for the higher measurement of client satisfaction through service that is demonstrably superior and ongoing.

Interlink’s reputation as a leading provider of risk management and insurance advice is evidenced by the long-standing relationships enjoyed with our clients.

Membership of the peak professional body, the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA) represents our commitment to professionalism, our adherence to its Code of Conduct and the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

Beyond that, the experience and expertise of our dedicated professionals enables us to fully evaluate risks, identify mitigation strategies and provide a range of solutions for clients to consider. The quality of these capabilities converts what is basically an issue of price into one of value for money.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your company and add value to your risk management.

Tryan Christos
Managing Director