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The Interlink team comprises over 32 professional staff members. Our Executive Account Managers and Claims Manager all have significant insurance industry experience as well as personal areas of specialisation and expertise. This allows us to match the most qualified and experienced Executive Account Manager to suit your particular requirements.

Louis Christos established Interlink in 1986 and is Founder & Chairman and along with Managing Director, Tryan Christos and Director, Lucy Roberts are on the Interlink board but also maintain an operational role, working day-to-day in the business.

Louis Christos

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking

Founder & Chairman

Louis Christos established Interlink in 1986. With over four decades of local and international industry experience and business ownership, Louis understands individual client needs and how to select the optimal insurance products to meet those specific needs.

Louis’ forte is the identification of the crucial risk exposures that companies face. He combines precise analytical skills and systematic efficiency to deliver expert professional advice to clients and their companies at the highest level of corporate contract negotiation.

Louis’ passion and commitment have been the key drivers in Interlink’s success and industry leadership.

Tryan Christos

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking

Managing Director

Tryan joined Interlink, the family business in June 2007 as a casual employee. He becomes the 4th generation of his family to work in the insurance industry and his career has steadily progressed into his current Managing Director role.

He assumed the position of Managing Director in September 2019 to direct and control the company’s operations and to give strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives.

He sees technology as a passion of his and he enjoys nothing more than learning the trends that technology is taking in order to work more efficiently and to see progress and success. He has a passion for wanting to deliver innovative client solutions, along with his vision to grow the business.

Tryan has steadily built relationships with his clients when making recommendations on their insurance programs that have been mutually beneficial in the understanding and protection of their businesses.

He believes in empowering employees by providing them with the resources, authority, opportunity and motivation to do their work, as well as holding them accountable for their actions which will make employees happier and more proficient.

He holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and is a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB).

Lucy Roberts

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking


Lucy ranks among the most senior women in Australia’s insurance broking industry. Her qualifications and over four decades of general insurance experience enable her to match insurance risks to the most effective products. Lucy is methodical, precise and a skilled negotiator with insurers to secure client outcomes.

Lucy has particular expertise in the areas of construction, transport and engineering, and this specialist capability is advantageous in advising clients about complex contracts and conditions.

Central to Lucy’s passion for broking are her guiding principles of honesty and integrity as well as her commitment to understanding a client’s business and industry to enable her to provide the most appropriate insurance coverage.

Ian O’Sullivan

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking

Broking Operations Manager

Ian brings over three and a half decades of broking experience to Interlink, of which 16 years were as a Lloyd’s Broker specialising in international marine and transport insurance. He has travelled extensively in North America, Europe and Australasia and has also worked 8 years in the Eastern States handling the full range of insurance products for large organisations across Australia. 

Ian offers expert industry knowledge and has a strong relationship with insurers on both sides of the country.

Carlo Muzzin

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking

Claims Manager

Carlo Muzzin has over five decades of General and Workers’ Compensation Insurance experience across the range of underwriting and industry sectors.

Carlo has been part of the Interlink team for nearly 20 years; previously as an Executive Account Manager, but now responsible for heading up our Claims team.

Peter Tsilivis

— QPIB, Dip Fin Serv - Insurance Broking

Executive Account Manager

Peter represents the new breed of enthusiastic young professionals in our industry. With more than 20 years at Interlink underpinning his development, Peter services a comprehensive and growing portfolio of commercial clients. Peter’s total commitment to clients ensures they are well treated, receiving prompt and professional advice.