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About Us

About Interlink Insurance Brokers

Since our establishment in 1986, Interlink has held an enviable reputation as a reliable, experienced and professional insurance advisor to its diverse client base.

Interlink Insurance Brokers

Interlink Insurance Brokers is a leading provider of commercial, industrial and corporate insurance broking and risk management services.

Our collaborative approach attracts clients from the construction, resources, manufacturing, transport & logistics, plant & equipment and professional industries both nationally and internationally.

With an enviable reputation as reliable professionals in the industry, we strive to provide you with the optimal insurance solution tailored for your individual and specific needs.

Founder & Chairman

Louis Christos’s combined knowledge and passion for broking excellence led to the establishment of Interlink Insurance Brokers in 1986. The company was founded on the premise of providing the optimal insurance product to match the individual needs of his clients. He believed that by truly understand and partnering with a business it allows you to provide a bespoke broking service and this is a philosophy that continues to guide Interlink today.

After four decades of local and international broking and business management, Louis has now transitioned into more of a mentoring role assuming the position of Chairman of the board of Interlink. His legacy and influence continue to flow strong, disseminating from the Managing Director Tryan Christos & Director Lucy Roberts, right through to each and every staff member.

Managing Director's Statement

Interlink regards statutory regulation and industry standards as minimum levels of performance. We strive for the higher measurement of client satisfaction through service that is demonstrably superior and ongoing.

Interlink’s reputation as a leading provider of risk management and insurance advice is evidenced by the long-standing relationships enjoyed with our clients.

Membership of the peak professional body, the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (NIBA) represents our commitment to professionalism, our adherence to its Code of Conduct and the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

Beyond that, the experience and expertise of our dedicated professionals enable us to fully evaluate risks, identify mitigation strategies and provide a range of solutions for clients to consider. The quality of these capabilities converts what is basically an issue of price into one of value for money.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your company and add value to your risk management.

Tryan Christos

Managing Director

Leadership Team

In addition to the Directors and Account Managers, our team comprises of over 30 professional staff members. Our team of experienced professionals with varied expertise are here to provide you with bespoke risk management solutions tailored to your business. Meet our people

Core Values

Our core values are trust, integrity, excellence, accountability and partnership.

We offer our clients a working environment of trust and integrity. Both values are implicit in the risk management advice and customised insurance solutions we provide. Through trustworthiness and integrity, our highly experienced brokers and claims managers aim for a working relationship of cooperation and mutual respect with clients and insurance underwriters.

We strive for excellence in the level of service we afford our clients. From the first online or telephone enquiry, to regular client meetings, reviews and the processing of claims, we aspire to deliver excellence in everything we do.

This combination of trust, integrity and excellence establishes accountability for our service delivery. As your professional advisers, we expect to be held accountable for our risk analysis, insurance advice and delivery of optimal solutions.

These core values lay the foundations for an ongoing and long-term partnership between Interlink and our clients. This partnership approach underpins our business methodology and has resulted in enduring relationships with clients.


Where it all began for the family with the insurance industry

John Stefanidis, who migrated to Australia in 1937, started up a European food restaurant in Claisebrook (East Perth), and he gradually mastered the English language over the years.

His restaurant became very popular amongst the banking, finance and insurance workers. This is where it all began for the family with the insurance industry, as he took on an agency with National and General Insurance, predominantly helping non-English-speaking migrants by translating and assisting them with their insurance matters.


Agency was taken over by his son-in-law, Traianos Christos

John passed away and the agency was taken over by his son-in-law, Traianos Christos, who migrated to Australia in 1955.

Traianos frequently sought out his son Louis Christos, aged 13 at the time, to assist him with writing letters and preparing documentation in dealing with clients and in order to attend meetings at National and General Insurance.


Louis Christos commenced full-time in the insurance industry

Louis Christos commenced full-time with Royal Insurance. His career began at Royal Insurance and later worked at General Accident Insurance, then joined Ledge Insurance Brokers.

During these 9 years, Louis learnt and experienced all facets of underwriting, claims and sales. He also became the district manager in the remote areas of Northam and Merredin in Western Australia.


Louis Christos started up his own insurance broking business – Interlink Insurance Brokers was formed on 6th January 1986

Louis Christos decided to start up his own insurance broking business by rolling in the client base from his family insurance agencies and Interlink Insurance Brokers was formed.

Louis started a new journey as a licensed insurance broker in the industrial area of Bayswater.


Tryan Christos stepped up to become Executive Director

Tryan Christos, Louis’ son, becomes Executive Director.

Tryan joined the family business 10 years earlier whilst working through the various business depts to expand his insurance knowledge and to learn hands-on how the business operates.


Tryan Christos was appointed Managing Director & Louis Christos was appointed Chairman

Since our establishment in 1986, Interlink has held an enviable reputation as a reliable, experienced and professional insurance adviser to its diverse clientele base.

We will endeavour to continue to strive to maintain this reputation by continuing to provide an exceptional experience whilst serving our clients’ insurance-related needs.


Our work, directly and indirectly, affects the way the wider community lives, behaves and develops and we firmly believe that our business should make a positive contribution to the society in which we live.

We support and encourage our teams to help local community organisations and activities in our regions and we are very proud of the amazing work they’re doing.

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