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Carrie Divers, Account Executive / Accounts Administration at Interlink Insurance Brokers

Carrie Divers

Account Executive / Accounts Administration

Tier 1 Fin Serv – Insurance Broking
Years of Experience

About Carrie

Carrie began her career at Interlink Insurance Brokers 17 years ago in the accounts department. Her responsibilities included data processing, account reconciliations, and accounting receivables & payables.

While still working in her accounts role, she has assisted with the migration to new internal broking software (WinBEAT). While the data processing side of her account’s role ceased, she still today continues as part of accounts reconciliations and accounts receivables & payables.

Carrie took on a new challenge and began working in a broker support role 8 years ago, progressing quickly to become an account executive. For the past 5 years, Carrie has been working as Account Executive and Accounts Administration at Interlink Insurance Brokers.

Other Finance & Administration staff

Across finance, administration and the overall quality of the business, our experienced team ensures and facilitates secure and streamlined processes over a large spectrum of financial needs.

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