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Risk Management & Insurance Broking

Interlink specialises in managing risk and optimising solutions. We provide the following services:

Risk Management Identification, Analysis and Advice

We create a profile of your potential exposure to risk. This includes property; assets; vehicles; plant and equipment; and personnel. Firstly, we identify the specific risks facing your business, with its unique set of conditions and circumstances. Then we determine any areas of vulnerability and analyse your levels of risk for each, assessing the possible impact and probability of occurrence of that risk. Finally, we advise you on the optimal risk mitigation strategy, including risk avoidance, risk reduction and transfer of risk to insurance providers.

Insurance Analysis, Selection and Recommendations

Our highly experienced and professional brokers analyse the various insurance options available for your business needs, examining the premiums and levels of cover for each policy. Using specialised industry knowledge and long-term industry relationships, your broker selects and recommends the insurance solution that best targets each area of risk, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Provision of Customised, Optimal Insurance Solutions

Your broker provides you with the optimal insurance solution to mitigate your exposure to risk. With many years of specialised industry experience and long-standing relationships with insurance providers, our brokers are able to negotiate the most cost-effective and comprehensive policies to suit your particular business needs. We can customise insurance packages to suit your specific requirements, with built-in coverage for all areas of risk vulnerability.

Preparation of a Comprehensive Submission to Insurers

Once your risk minimisation solution is agreed, your broker prepares a comprehensive submission to the insurance providers or underwriters on your behalf. This includes all necessary details about property; assets; vehicles; plant and equipment; and personnel. All our brokers have financial services qualifications and expertise to assist you in the preparation of insurance documentation. As an experienced professional, your broker can advise you on critical contract clauses or disclaimers that must be accurately completed to ensure your business qualifies for valid insurance cover for all eventualities.

Preparation of a Detailed Portfolio to Clients

Your broker prepares a detailed portfolio of all your insurance policies, itemising all aspects of your business risk and the levels of insurance cover for each. This includes property; assets; vehicles; plant and equipment; and personnel. Your broker will keep this portfolio up to date, notifying you when any amendments or additions are required. We arrange regular meetings with our clients to review and update your portfolio, proposing any additional cover when it is deemed necessary, based on any changed circumstances.

Provision of a Dedicated Claims Team to Manage and Process Claims

Should you need to make an insurance claim, we provide a dedicated claims team who will assist you during the claims process. It is vital that you inform our claims team as quickly as you can so that they are able to initiate the claims procedure on your behalf. This ensures you receive prompt service and a favourable settlement from your insurers or underwriters. We provide you with the necessary claims forms to complete and guide you through the process as your claim is lodged and processed by the insurers or underwriters. Our claims managers will update you on the status of your claim and notify you upon settlement of that claim.